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Bideford Music Club committee has met to discuss the current situation with regard to holding concerts, and we have decided, with great regret, that we cannot run the first three concerts of this season.

However, this is not a cancellation, but rather a postponement, as the artists engaged for October, November and December have all said that they will be pleased to perform for us in those same months next year. This good news means that both we and they have something pleasurable to look forward to.

The insurmountable problem for the Club at this time is that our venue, the Methodist Church Hall in Bideford, is not allowed to open for hire until the church receives permission from its insurers.

We have decided therefore to hibernate for the first part of the season.

A decision about the remainder of the season will be made in October.

Please keep checking this website and our Bideford Music Club Facebook page for news about performances that you can enjoy online. We will be adding to these as they come along. Meanwhile, best wishes to you all until we can meet again to share the joy of live music.
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